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Mac appears on the Secret Supper Club

Posted by admindan on March 28, 2011

Mac Burnham was approached by Channel 4 to ask if he would like to take part in their flagship food program, “The Secret Supper Club”. Apparently his reputation for producing first class sausages made high on their wish list. As things turned out, Mac was asked to supply other products and in fact ended up supplying the main course for the episode he appeared in.
Mac was originally invited to bring his produce to a tasting session a the Whitworth Centre in Darley  Dale where Olly was so impressed with the quality of the produce he was then asked to provide his High Peak Beef Steaks as the main course”
“It was a great accolace” said Mac, “I was really pleased they thought my sausages were good and really chuffed when they then asked me to supply my T Bone steaks!”
The programme aired on Channel 4 at 3.50 on the 2nd April 2011
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